What Does It Mean To Be An Active Member?

So you’ve seen our social media posts and you’ve read our blogs, but you haven’t quite yet taken the step to becoming an Active Member…

Let’s have a look at what our mission is, what benefits being a member brings, and why taking that step is definitely worth your while!

At Active Education Co. we champion health, wellbeing and physical activity. We believe that all professionals in the education sector can be pioneers for this, whilst being confident and competent in the delivery of high-quality provision to inspire the next generation to lead active lifestyles. 

We are striving to be the leading platform in the UK, providing high-quality resources and opportunities for those working in the sector. To help achieve this, we have created a membership without any barriers and caters for all:

Our Active Membership Includes: 

  • Half-termly newsletters,
  • Interesting blogs,
  • Exclusive workshops & CPD Opportunities,
  • Access to our Active Education Conference 
  • Exclusive interviews with elite sports personnel and coaches,
  • Cashback on all Active Partner services, products training courses and qualifications. 

You can see a full breakdown of the member benefits here

We have huge plans for Active Education Co. We are constantly updating the site, collaborating with a wide selection of professionals and experts and releasing new content to ensure we become the go-to, trusted platform for PEople. 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join our mission!


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