Have you ever experienced a half term like this before? A half term like no other!

According to Nuffield Health, In July 2019, 98% of teachers reported that their pupils were at least three months behind where they would normally expect them to be in their curriculum learning. This isn’t really surprising, given that only 66% of the usual curriculum had actually been covered. What might be surprising is that the learning gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers had increased by an average of 46%, and 21% of teachers reported a significant gap between boys and girls. 

Because of this, realistically, the first half-term of the 2020/21 academic year was always going to be a strange and challenging one. In just one week alone this half-term, 900 schools were either partially or fully closed. Plus, even in the schools that were functioning ‘normally’, pupil attendance was much lower than usual at this time of year. But, schools have continued to thrive, education professionals have worked like trojans and pupils have still been receiving high-quality education and experiences throughout. 

PE is a subject that has been disproportionately affected, as many activities usually taught involve close contact and/or the use of extensive equipment. This has been particularly difficult for sports coaches who work in multiple schools, as time has to be allowed for sanitising and quarantining equipment to ensure there is no cross-contamination. 

At the Active Education Company, we understand how difficult it has been, so we wanted to do our part to make things just a little bit easier. We have created some a resource that includes a PE specific COVID-19 checklist and ideas for little or no equipment activities for you to be able to keep track, deliver great sessions and to take some of the stress away in Autumn Term Two. You can find it here.

Have a great half term break, you deserve it!


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