Active Playground Pack

Active Playground Pack

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Children spend 20% of their school day on the playground, yet it can be one of the trickiest places to encourage high-quality physical activity. With activity ideas for large or small spaces, personal challenges and even wet play, our Active Playground Pack is here to help! 

These cards have been designed to be used by either lunchtime staff or playground leaders, with clear diagrams to help organise and engage your pupils in their free time. The pack is split into four categories to help all schools benefit from the resource, the categories include; Large Space, Small Space, Wet Play and Personal Challenge.


Contents: 48 x  cards, additional downloadable resources including Pupil Questionniare, Staff Member Questionnaire and Equipment Audit. 

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What’s included in the Active Playground Pack?

We know that lunchtime can be a very busy and sometimes chaotic part of the school day, especially if there are no activities planned to keep your school children engaged! This pack of activities will hopefully be a useful tool to help prevent any avoidable disruption and possible behavioural issues as they provide wide variety of creative ideas to keep your children active whether it is a large space, a small space, wet play or you want to introduce personal challenge.

The pack is easy and straightforward to use with each category containing 12 activity cards which consist of a diagram and key information such as the activity name, playing instructions, equipment required and difficulty level.

Included in each Active Playground Pack are additional useful resources to support you in your goal of creating an active playground for your students including; a Pupil Feedback Questionnaire, Equipment Audit and Staff Member Questionnaire


Spend £40.00 or more and receive FREE UK Shipping!