How Else Can I Use The Challenge Cards?

You might have already purchased the Challenge Cards to take your pupils’ learning to the next level, but you may not have considered how else they can be used. In this blog, we have listed our top 4 alternative ways our Challenge Cards can be used to complement your PESSPA provision.

  • After-school clubs are often used to delve deeper into specific sports, and may also be used to target the higher ability children. The Challenge Cards are a great tool to use in these extra-curricular times as a way of focusing on specific skills and techniques within a sport. This can lead to great things when it comes to competitions too!


  • You may not have made the link, but our Challenge Cards actually work really well alongside our Active Cards. Non-participants can use the Challenge Cards to give instructions to their team and to further develop the group’s work. They will enjoy not only having a specific role to play, but also having exciting challenges to lead!
  • With our Challenge Cards, children can take ownership of their own learning. Children are great at self-assessment and will often know exactly where next to take their learning. As the deliverer, you can set the main activity, and then the children themselves can choose how they want to challenge themselves within the game.

  • The Challenge Cards don’t just have to be used in PE sessions. The Reflection Cards can be used in any lessons! Encouraging children to reflect and analyse their learning is important in any subject, and our questions can be applied to any topic. 

We hope we have given you some new ideas. Give these ideas a try, and let us know how you get on @ActiveEduCo!

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