How Else Can I Use The Active Cards?

You might have already purchased the Active Cards to use with your non-participants in PE, but you may not have considered how else they can be used. In this blog, we have listed our top 4 alternative ways our cards can be used to complement your PESSPA provision. 

  • Tackling Behaviour Issues and Low-Level Disruption: They are a great tool to help prevent behaviour issues and low-level disruption. Children can often misbehave if they are not fully engaged, so giving them a purposeful role within a lesson can help them to focus. They will also love having the responsibility, especially if the role involves them telling their peers what to do!
  • Challenging High Ability Learners: They are extremely effective with your higher ability learners, as the cards encourage the student to think more deeply into a sport or activity as a whole. For example, a child may be a very skilled Netball player, but would they be able to analyse their own performance or coach their team to improve? Give them a role from the pack of cards, and you will see them develop further.
  • Enhance Your Break & Lunchtime Provision: They don’t just have to be used in PE sessions! They can also be used at break times; particularly with your sports or playground leaders to help them work towards the next level of leadership. These children may already organise activities on the playground, but they can take it a step further by formalising the role as a referee or a manager.
  • Boost The Learning in Extra-Curricular Clubs: Active Cards are a great addition to your after-school provision. They encourage the participants to see the bigger picture of the sport and gain a deeper understanding of the game from the outside in. For example, taking on a management role at a competition is not only exciting but an important life skill to learn. 

We hope we have given you some food for thought. Give these ideas a try, and let us know how you get on!

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