How Can I Ensure EYFS Are Included In The Whole School PE Plan?

If you’ve ever worked in the Early Years Foundation Stage then you will know they are often left behind when it comes to whole-school approaches. This is down to a few factors, such as a different curriculum and often completely different areas of the school building. However, when it comes to PE, it is important to make sure the Early Years are included. In this blog we will look at how you can play your part with some simple tips below…

  • Become familiar with the Early Years curriculum, Development Matters. Physical Development is a prime area of this document, which means it is highly valued. Just like with the National Curriculum, in order to deliver effectively to this age group, you need to be au fait with their expectations.
  • Speak to the people working with your Reception and Nursery children to find out what they would like their children to achieve in their PE sessions. For example, an outcome in the Early Years is for children to climb confidently. If your outside area doesn’t cater for this, then PE can be a great way for children to be exposed to this skill.
  • Have a look at the PE expectations for Year 1. This will give you a good guide as to what skills the children should be exposed to in Reception in order to help them achieve in Year 1. This tip works throughout school, and is actually good practice for tracking progress across all year groups.
  • Finally, make sure you include them in your long term plan. It sounds simple, but not only does this mean they will never be left out, but also shows the rest of the school that their involvement in PE is important. 

Working with the children in the Early Years sets them up with skills for life, including the obvious physical skills, but also social and emotional skills too. So give these ideas a go, and let us know how you get on @ActiveEduCo!



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