How Can I Encourage Everyone To Get Along In PE?

It is Anti-Bullying Week on Monday 16th-Friday 20th November, and with some shocking statistics when it comes to bullying amongst young people in this country, we are looking at how we can encourage teamwork and respect in PE. 

A study in 2019 found England to be one of the worst countries for bullying in schools in the world. It also found that whilst the frequency of bullying in schools had declined in a number of countries, it had almost doubled in England since 2013. 

So what can we do to help reverse this? 

Here are our 5 top tips for encouraging children to work together and show respect in PE:

  • Get into the habit of creating teams for the children. This way they have to learn to get on with everyone, and not just their friends or the ‘best’ sportspeople in the class. 
  • We often decide on a ‘player of the day’, but put a twist on this for ‘team player of the day’ and suddenly you are opening up the celebration of a whole new set of skills. 
  • Encourage peer feedback. You can teach the children to give feedback in a polite and helpful way, and the children will understand how to learn from each other. 
  • Ensure the children are good audience members when observing a performance. Features of a good audience include: watching quietly, clapping at the end and giving praise. 
  • Allow discussion time for tactics and techniques. This enables the children to communicate and share ideas. If you find one child is always missing out, then number the children and ask specific numbers in each team to say their thoughts. 

Fighting the Anti-Bullying fight doesn’t just have to happen in PE, visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance website for loads of great resources and ideas to raise awareness of anti-bullying in your school.


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